Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 1 & 2 PG dan Essay

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 1 & 2 PG dan Essay – Artikel mengenai Masalah Bahasa Inggris kelas sepuluh tahun 2020/-2021, SMA/SMK/MA/STM, komplet masalah PG – Essay kurikulum 2020 pelajaran IBI semester 1 dan 2.

Materi Bahasa Inggris kelas ,,,, Bahasa inggris ialah satu pelajaran yang ada di sekolahan tingkat lanjut atsa SMA/SMK/MA/STM,
negeri dan swasta kelas 10, semester 1 – 2. dengan begitu lah kami akan memberi Masalah bahasa inggris Kelas 10 khusu tingkat SMA/SMK/MA/STM.

Contoh Masalah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/SMK/MA/STM Semester 1 dan 2 PG dan Essay

I. Jawablah secara benar beberapa soal berikut!

My sister … (1) to cook. … (2) I have a great idea for lunch every day. … (3) Cook oxtail soup for today. I invited my friends to our house to try this soup. … (4) liked it very much and told … (5) the sister opened a restoran because she thought many people would like this soup and she would make a lot of money with … (6).
a. lvoe
b. love
c. full of love
d. love
e. interlacing
Answer: d
a. that
b. that
c. you
d. I
e. we
Answer: b
a. we
b. you
c. we
d. that
e. that
Answer: d
a. that
b. that
c. you
d. you
e. that
Answer: d
a. they
b. they
c. she is
d. I
e. From me
Answer: d
a. that
b. they
c. they
d. they
e. they
Answer: a
8. This diskusi is for question No. 7-9
• Lisa: Hi Sally, did you read the announcement?
• Sally: About what?
• Lisa: “Eric just sent me a teks saying that you have passed the state exam.
• Sally: Oh really?
• Lisa: Yes, you can read the teks yourself, here it is.
• Sally: Wow, thanks for letting me know.
• Lisa: Don’t say that. I … (7)
• Sally: “… (8) for saying that.”
• Lisa: … (9) Where will you continue your studies? ”
• Sally: I don’t know yet.
a. Congratulations on the conclusion
b. Congratulations on your performnce
c. Sorry to hear that
d. IM very proud of you
e. so
Answer: d
a. no
b. Thank you very much
c. I am bahagia
d. I am very bahagia
e. I am very proud
Answer: b
a. well
b. You’re welcome
c. Of course
d. Yes i do
e. Good luck
Answer: b
What is – wewangian – jasmine – white
What are the correct settings for the product above?
a. The scent of white jasmine that I have.
b. White jasmine is the wewangian.
c. White jasmine is the wewangian
d. This is the scent of white jasmine
e. The wewangian of the white jasmine
Answer: a
12. How long does BBC World Servis broadcast in English?
This will be sent …… hours a day.
a. 20
b. 24
c. 28
d. 26
e. 37
Answer: a
12. The program focuses on the latest news and moments, but also includes music, science, sports and theater programs.
The word in the sentence refers to …
a. Buschhaus
b. The BBC
c. The program
d. London
e. News
Answer: c
13. BBC World Servis has a program.
a. Science, music, advertensi, commerce, sinetron
b. Music, science, sports, film, sinetron
c. Sports, sinetron, science, music
d. Music, advertensi, commerce, music
e. Sinetron, culture, science, sports, music
Answer: e
14. World Serviss mainly deals with.
a. Science and sinetron
b. Sinetron and news
c. News and music
d. news and infidelity
e. Current affairs and music
Answer: d
14. Who came to Richard this morning.
a. Baker
b. Your husband
c. The poor
d. Electric man
e. His children
Answer: c
15. The man screamed and jumped a few steps because.
a. He was surprised to see someone coming
b. He was afraid to see something like a ghost
c. He was surprised to see Mr. Richards
d. He was mad at Mrs. Richards
e. He stopped reading the electricity mtr.
Answer: a
16. Where is Ms. Richards hiding.
a. In the kitchen
b. In the kitchen
c. In the bedroom
d. In front of the door
e. In the dining room
Answer: e
17. What tipe of teks do the authors use.
a. Report
b. The procedure
c. history
d. descriptive
e. To inform
Answer: c
18. What is the teks for.
a. Richards story of Ny
b. To describe a ghost under the stairs
c. To tell the story of a haunted house
d. To explain how Ms. daily activities are Richards
e. Richards provides information about Ms. Housework
Answer: a
19. Why is Nasreddin on the roof of his house.
a. He saw the sight
b. He was waiting for the old man
c. He repaired the roof
d. He is resting
e. He was upset with the old man
Answer: a
20. Who is the old man.
a. Nasreddin’s father
b. Nasreddin’s friend
c. the seller’s roof
d. Roof stylist
e. A beggar
Answer: d
21. Why did Nasreddin go down the stairs.
a. He wants to leave his job
b. Because beggars ask about it
c. He wants to talk to beggars
d. He wants to take the roof
e. He wants to go with this beggar
Answer: b
22. The following sentence is based on teks, except.
a. Nasreddin fixing tiles when someone
Call him
b. Nasreddin was satisfied with his work
c. Nasredin did not look down when the old man called
she is
d. The old man asked Nasreddin for some money
e. Nasreddin asked the beggars to go up the stairs
Answer: e
23. Nasreddin saw an old man in dirty clothes standing under … (line 4). The antonym of the underlined word (DIRTY) is.
a. Bad
b. secure
c. clean
d. bright
e. well
Answer: a
24. Today is Wednesday. 3 days ago.
a. Monday
b. Tuesday
c. Thursday
d. Friday
e. Sunday
Answer: b
25. A: Hello Jhon, how are you.
a. Hi
b. Hello, how are you
c. Hello, how are you
d. Hello, I’m fine
e. Hi, very good
Answer: c

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Contoh Masalah Essay:
1. Yes, I really work (no)
2. World population … (increasing) very quickly.
3. …. You (work) on a special proyek at work?
4. Reni is Lenny’s opponent.
Lenny is … Reny
… will he come with us tonight?
5. Create three sentences with surprising expressions!
6. Have a dialogue to kilat distrust!
7. Complete this sentence with a prize!
Angela has just started night class. He … learn German.
8. Give an answer!
Gina: “Rara, would you like to watch the movie” When Love Glorifies “tonight?
Rara: “….”
9. Daddy wants to give Pasya a new bike because he has good grades in physics.
Create a dialogue based on the pernyataan above!
10. Akram: “Will you always have a free dinner next week?”
Naomi: Oh, thank you very much.
The dialogue tells about … be careful

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